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Kentucky Court Records

The Kentucky Court Records website provides a comprehensive overview of the Kentucky court system by identifying the types of courts in the state and explaining their functions. It also offers access to court records so citizens can quickly find open records for the courts in Kentucky cities and counties. Also provided are informational guides to help the public search for, and obtain copies of, Kentucky court records.

The Kentucky Open Records Act protects the public’s right to the records of government bodies at all levels in the Bluegrass State. The Kentucky Court Records website abides by the provisions of this Act by making it easier for anyone to access and request public records. Its trove of available records extends beyond court records.

Other public records covered by the Kentucky Court Records website include crime data, background checks, jail information, sex offender registry, and vital records for all 120 counties in Kentucky. The public can search for these records on the website. However, search results and available records vary from county to county. While helping the public access state records, the Kentucky Court Records does not require them to submit personal information or provide a reason for seeking these records. In providing an open and secure access to public records, it helps Kentucky citizens create a fair and just society just as envisioned at the founding of the nation.

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