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Kenton County Court Records

Court records are official papers submitted to the courts or generated by the courts detailing the actions and decisions made during legal proceedings. Kenton County court records may include the case information with the case number, parties' names to the lawsuit, filing date, and court location. Court records may also hold the court orders—complaints, indictments, petitions, motions, transcripts, evidence, dockets, and financial information.

Kentucky court records help ensure transparency and accountability in the state legal system. They may also be used as evidence in future legal cases.

Are Court Records Public in Kenton County?

Court records are generally public records in Kenton County. The Kentucky Open Record Act specifies that public records, stored on paper or computer, are open to inspection by the public unless such record is exempted from disclosure by the Act. Consequently, Kenton County public records such as court, arrest, property, business, election, and vital records are typically available for inspection, viewing, and copying.

Notwithstanding, the Act permits public agencies to withhold certain or part of the records from the public unless a court order backs the request. Per the Act, the following court records are not open to the public:

  • Records containing information of a personal nature where disclosure will constitute an invasion of privacy.
  • Court records containing information confidentially compiled and maintained for scientific research.
  • Documents received by the courts containing information used to administer a licensed examination or academic examination, such as the test questions and scoring keys.
  • Records of law enforcement agencies involved in administrative adjudication
  • Court records exempted from disclosure by federal law or regulation
  • Court records prohibited from public access by Kentucky statutes
  • Court records containing information that could threaten public safety or expose vulnerability

Accordingly, juvenile court records, sealed or expunged records, child custody records, paternity records, trade secrets, mental health records, adoption records, domestic violence records, and records containing the termination of parental rights are not open to the public. In addition, sensitive personal information such as medical records, social security numbers, financial account information, and tax return information may be excluded or redacted from public records.

Kenton County Court Records Search

Persons seeking Kenton court records may search for the records using the following:

  • Kentucky Courts offer an online repository of court cases filed and heard in the state including Kenton County
  • Visit the courthouse in person to search, view, or purchase the court record personally
  • Mail a request for the record search to the Clerk of Court Office

Kenton County Court Records Search by Name

The Kentucky Court of Justice and Administrative Office of the Courts provides an online Search Court Records tool for court cases filed and heard in the state, including Kenton County. Record seekers can perform a name-based search for civil, criminal, and drug court cases originating from Kenton County. To search by name, also called search by party/business, searchers must provide at least three characters of the last name and birth date or complete first name.

A name-based search performed using this platform attracts a fee. The fee depends on the service plan chosen by the record seeker and the number of copies of records requested. Fees are emailed to the registered email address used to create the account.

Kenton County Courts

The Kenton County trial court system comprises a Circuit Court and a District Court. The directory of both courthouses are:

Circuit Courts in Kenton County
Kenton County Circuit Court
Kenton County Justice Center
230 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY 41011
Phone: (859) 292-6523
Fax: (859) 292-6611

District Courts in Kenton County
Kenton County District Court
Kenton County Justice Center
230 Madison Avenue, Covington, KY 41011
Phone: (859) 292-6523
Fax: (859) 292-6611

Kenton County District Court Records

District Courts are courts of trial that have general jurisdiction over a wide range of criminal and civil cases. Legal disputes are first heard and resolved at the District Court. Criminal and civil cases heard by the Kenton County District Courts include juvenile matters, traffic offenses, violation of city and county ordinances, misdemeanors, violations, probate matters, guardianship, and conservatorship. The District Court also presided over preliminary hearings for felony or capital criminal lawsuits, small claims of $2,500 or less, and civil cases involving less than $5,000 in dispute.

Persons seeking Kenton County District Court records may order the record online using the Request for Copies tool the Clerk of Courts provided. Record seekers must provide relevant information about the record to facilitate the search. There is a $0.25 charge per copy of the record, while certification of the record costs $5.00. The fees are payable with cash or check if paid in person at the court. Persons receiving copies of the record by mail may pay the fees, money order, or check.

Kenton County Criminal Records

Criminal records detail a person's encounter with law enforcement agencies. Criminal records may contain information on an individual's apprehension, offense, and detention. Kenton County criminal records include the individual's full name, date of birth, address, arrest details, date time, arresting officer details, charges, booking information, court dates, and disposition.

Kenton criminal records are public records available at the Kenton County Sheriff’s Department. Record seekers may fill out the Standardized Open Record Request Form. The record custodian charges $0.10 per page for regular record photocopies. The fees are payable with a check or money order. Nonetheless, walk-in requesters may pay cash. Record seekers can submit the form requesting Kenton County arrest records by email, mail, in person, or fax. The contact details of the record custodian are as follows:

Kenton County Sheriff’s Office
1840 Simon Kenton Way
Suite 1200
Covington, KY 41011
Fax: (859) 392-1829
(859) 392-1829

Kenton County Criminal Court Case Lookup

The Kentucky Court of Justice provides an online Search Court Records tool to look at criminal court records statewide. Record seekers can search using the case number, party or business name, or citation. Case search requires the case number, while party search uses the full name or last name and date of birth.

Record seekers must provide the year and control number type when searching by citation. Viewing Kenton County criminal court records using the platform is free. In addition, record seekers must choose Kenton County from the drop-down menu when using the platform.

Record seekers may also search criminal court at the Clerk of Court Office. The office provides free access to view criminal court records. However, the Clerk of Court charges a fee to obtain copies of the documents.

Get Kenton County Civil Court Records

Civil court records refer to documents generated in court during a civil court case. Civil court cases involve disputes between individuals or businesses. The Kenton Circuit courts have jurisdiction over general civil court cases, civil equity cases, complex commercial lawsuits, real estate titles, and administrative agency appeals. The court shares jurisdiction with the District Court on landlord/tenant disputes, ordinance violations, and protection and restraining orders.

Persons interested in obtaining Kenton County civil court records may utilize the Search Court Records web tool. The platform provides free access to civil court records filed and heard across Kentucky, including Kenton County. Record seekers may query the database using the case number, case name, or citation. Furthermore, the Kenton County Clerk of Court Office is the record custodian for civil court records. Record seekers may view the record in person at the courthouse or mail a request for the records. The office charges a fee to obtain copies of the record.

Kenton County Family Court Records

Family Courts are specialized courts that preside over disputes that occur within families. Family Court records are the documents submitted to or generated in court during a family or domestic dispute.

Kenton Courts has a unified family court system, and lawsuits from family matters are handled separately from other cases. The Family Court is a division under the Kenton County Circuit Court. It handles family-related disputes such as divorce, paternity, juvenile offenses, adoptions, emergency protective orders, spousal support, child visitation, and child support.

Per state law, most family records are confidential and exempt from public view. However, record seekers may call, mail, or visit the Clerk of the Circuit Court Office to obtain non-exempted family court records. The record custodian charges $5.00 for certified copies of the record and $0.25 per standard copy of family court records.

Kenton Dissolution of Marriage Records

Kenton's dissolution of marriage records are identical to the county’s divorce records. This is because Kenton is a county in Kentucky, and the state of Kentucky uses the expression dissolution of marriage interchangeably with divorce. Kenton County marriage dissolution records are available through the Office of Vital Statistics. Interested persons can obtain these records via mail or in person after paying the required fees.

Kenton County Marriage and Divorce Records

Kenton County marriage and divorce records are the legal documents that provide information about a marriage or show the end of the marriage, respectively. These records are public records in compliance with Kentucky laws. However, the public is allowed to keep them within certain limits. Kenton County Marriage records include marriage licenses and marriage certificates, while Kenton County divorce records include divorce certificates.

To obtain a certified copy of a marriage license in Kenton County, interested persons can send a written along with a $5 money order or check to:

Kenton County Clerk’s Office
1840 Simon Kenton Way (P.O. Box 1109)
Covington, KY 41011

Information required to obtain the certified marriage license includes:

  • Date of marriage with the year provided
  • Name of bride, groom, or spouse, along with maiden name for persons who changed their names
  • Phone number and email (if additional information is required to facilitate the search)

To obtain a certified copy of a Kenton County marriage certificate or divorce certificate, interested persons need to mail a request to the Office of Vital Statistics along with the required fees (via check or money order) and provide the following information:

  • Full name of first spouse
  • Full name of second spouse
  • The year, month, and day of the marriage and
  • The county where the marriage license was issued
  • Name of requester and address where certified copies will be sent
  • Phone number where the requester can be reached between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • Number of require copies

A certified marriage or divorce certificate costs $6 per copy.

Kenton Birth and Death Records

Birth and death records serve several important purposes for individuals and the communities documenting these records. In Kenton County, these records are classified as Kenton County Vital Records. Records dating back to 1911 till the present are available. The Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics (OVS) collects and preserves birth and death certificates in Kentucky. Birth records are used for proof of identity, citizenship, family history, genealogy, medical research, and public health planning and demographic studies. Death records, on the other hand, are used for legal documentation and the settling of estates, genealogical research, public health statistics such as health risks within populations, and for preventing fraud by documenting when individuals have passed away.

Eligibility to obtain Kenton County birth records is to persons named on the records, immediate family members, and legal representatives. On the other hand, eligibility to obtain death records is limited to only immediate family members and legal representatives. Eligible persons who require Kenton County birth or death certificates can walk into the Kenton County Health Center at:

Kenton County Health Center
2002 Madison Avenue
Covington, KY 41014

The health center staff can help to fill in an application for these records. However, applicants are to mail in completed applications to the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics at:

Office of Vital Statistics
275 East Main Street, 1 E-A
Frankfort, KY 40621

Interested persons who prefer to walk in to obtain Kenton County birth or death certificates can also visit the office for same-day pick-up from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), Monday through Friday. Applicants should note that same-day pickups are not guaranteed for requests made after 3:45 p.m. EST. Kenton County birth certificates cost $10 per certificate, while death certificates cost $6 each.

Kenton County Probate Court Records

Kenton County Probate Court records are the documents related to the probate process in Kenton County. These records are from probate filings and cases involving estates, guardianship of children and minors, and name changes. Some probate cases are confidential and these include involuntary hospitalization, guardianship or disability of adults, and involuntary alcohol or drug treatment. Kenton County Probate records include:

  • Wills
  • Estate inventories
  • Guardianship records
  • Letters of administration and letters of testamentary
  • Settlement records
  • Final accounting and reports
  • Probate case files
  • Probate court orders and decrees

Persons interested in accessing Kenton County probate records can do so at the Kenton County Circuit Court Clerk’s office. To facilitate the search of certain probate records, they may be required to provide information such as the deceased's name, date of death, etc.

Kenton County Property Records

Kenton County property records are the documents detailing the county's property information. These records record property characteristics and include sketches and photographs of each property. They are property assessments, ownership records, deeds and conveyance records, plat maps and surveys, tax records, building permits and inspection records, zoning and land use records, easements and right of way records, and historical records.

The county clerk keeps Kenton County property records. Interested persons can access these records online through the records portal. Alternatively, interested persons can obtain these records at the Clerk’s office at:

Kenton County Clerk
1840 Simon Kenton Way
Covington, KY 41011
Auto Phone: (859) 392-1652
Auto Fax: (859) 392-1642

Interested persons can obtain certified copies of Kenton County property records after paying a $5 fee plus 50 cents per page after five pages.

Kenton County Court Records Online

Third-party online resources are available to residents of Kenton County to check their court records online. Third-party online platforms like offer advantages such as improved accessibility features compared to the official court website. Some third-party online resources also provide additional features such as case summaries, people search and docket notifications, user-friendly search interfaces, and search filters to help narrow down searches, which are generally more user-friendly. Users of third-party online platforms should note some disadvantages, including cost and accuracy. There may be additional charges above that of official sources. Also, the information may not be updated as it was due to a delay before the update from the original sources.

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